Price / Fare Structure Details

Choose from 2 seating styles: Standard Coach or Deluxe

Standard Coach Seating
    Coach Seats are not assigned.
Adults  $39.99*
Active/Retired Military  $36.99*
Seniors 62+  $36.99*
Children (2-12) $29.99*
Infants under 2 are free with paid adult when sitting in adult’s lap.
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Americus Car (Deluxe)
    The Americus car has tables and chairs for parties of 2 and 4, ceiling fans and carpet. Tables may be assigned. Tickets include a complimentary beverage from the concession car and snack mix on each table.

Adults and Children: $49.99*
Infants under 2 are free with paid adult when sitting in adult’s lap.
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WALK-UP Tickets (when available)
Coach Class from Americus to Plains/Archery
Adults, Seniors- $20.50*  Children (2-12) $15.50*
Deluxe from Americus to Plains/Archery  –
Adults, Seniors & Children- $30.50
Coach Plains to Archery (first class not available)  All tickets – $7.00*

GROUPS (Must call for reservation)
(20-40 passengers with 1 complimentary ticket and 41-50 2 complimentary tickets.)
Coach Class Cars
Adult   $32.99* Plus Tax     Children (2-12) $19.99* Plus Tax
Americus Car (Deluxe)
Adults $39.99* Plus Tax     

SCHOOL GROUPS (Must call for reservation)
(For students younger than 14 years of age, one adult chaperon for 10 students. No complimentary tickets.)
Coach Class Cars     Students & Staff- $14.99*   School Chaperons – $29.99*

Car Charters (must call for reservation)
Car Charters  (Deluxe or Coach class car may be chartered for private use on any regular, scheduled train.)
“Americus”    $2,500.00*    (maximum seating capacity – 52)

Coach cars     $3,200.00*    (Maximum seating capacity-80) 

TRAIN CHARTERS (must call for reservation)
The entire train may be chartered for private use. You create your party ideas which may include a family or class reunions, mystery train, progressive dinner, holiday celebrations, “fun”raisers, etc.
One hour – $3,125.00* Plus Tax
Two hours – $3,750.00* Plus Tax
Four hours – $4,400.00* Plus Tax
Full day (10 hours maximum) – $6,500.00.* Plus Tax

***Must have 90 day notice to approve special trains***

TRAIN CHARTERS (A stationary train-must call office)
The entire train may be chartered for private use. Party ideas include meetings, birthday parties, dinner (you bring on the food), holiday celebrations, “fun”raisers, etc. (When available in station)
1 to 3 hours – $550.00*
3 to 6 hours – $750.00.*
A deposit of $200 is required to cover damages with $50 being non-refundable IF train requires extensive cleaning (to be determined by DNR staff).


Groups can purchase a boxed meal in advance.

  • Conductors Lunch (Chick-Fli-A Sandwich, Chips, Cookie, Drink): $9.00
  • Engineer Lunch (Sausage dog, Chips, Cookie, Drink): $8.00
  • Hobo Lunch (Hotdog, Chips, Cookie, Drink): $7.00


About Your Tickets
· All tickets-charters have 8% sales tax added to the price listed unless sales exempt form is received prior to ride.
· To reserve an entire car, 90% or more of full-fare (Adult) seats in the car must be purchased.
· Children’s fare ages 2 to 12. Children younger than 14 must be accompanied by an adult 21 or older.
· Seniors & Military must have appropriate identification at check-in.
· All prices subject to change without notice.
· Reservations recommended due to limited seating.
· Payment required at booking.
· Boarding generally begins 30 minutes prior to departure.
· No smoking, alcoholic beverages or pets allowed.
· Tickets are non-refundable. You may call in advance to transfer to a different ride date, upon availability.
· SAM Shortline reserves the right to cancel any train or alter the schedule.