You can choose how you would like to volunteer. Campground host or Local Volunteer?

You can be either a local volunteer and work certain days or become a campground host where you reside on property.  You also can become a conductor and join in on the fun!  Both local volunteers and campground host can serve as a car host.  As this type of volunteer, you will inform passengers of their choices of activities and restaurants in approaching towns. Volunteer in the commissary car and pop popcorn, cook hot dogs and make coffee. Do you like to sing, play an instrument, or have an act of some sort? Share your talent with us. We would love to have you join us on the train. It will be a fun-filled day on the SAM Shortline – you can be sure of that!
Or call 229-276-0755

Each train car has space for 2 volunteer hosts. The “Leslie” commissary car has space for up to 6 volunteers each run. Cars are added based on the number of passengers we have that day. Up to 18 volunteer spaces are available when all 7 cars are in use.

Volunteers come together on the SAM Shortline for many different reasons. We all share the common goal of working together to make a difference. Come; take a step back in time with us as we visit historic towns in southwest Georgia. Ride the rail and meet many interesting people, passengers and fellow volunteers, and acquire lasting new friendships.

All aboard!

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Train host camping spaces at Georgia Vets State Park:
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